1. VECTORIDENT solution
    [C.N.: 339846.6]

    Essential oil concentrate of plants (eucalyptus, clove, anise, mint) to be used diluted in water as a mouthwash.

    • Helps prevent:

    - gingivitis: inflammation of the gums

    -pyorrhoea: a condition that starts as a bacterial infection and may ultimately affect the bone supporting the teeth

    - halitosis: bad breath

    - unpleasant taste in the mouth.

    • Helps strengthen gum tissue and weaken plaque. Does not cause dental stains or yellowing.
    • Provides a clean, fresh feeling and has a dry and pleasant taste.
    • Instructions for use: add four drops to half a glass of water.
    • One bottle provides 400 mouthwashes (more than 1,600 rinses). Duration based on three daily mouthwashes: more than four months.

    Complement with Vectorident Cream toothpaste (includes a free 10 ml sample).